Why You Need A Fine Art Wedding Album

Fine Art Wedding Albums are one of the best ways to preserve the beautiful images from your wedding day.

While it’s important to have a disc with all the digital images, you’re taking a huge risk of losing your wedding photos as time passes and media changes.

I mean, seriously, how many of us can still read those really old floppy discs that everyone use to use?

While DVDs are really common right now, you still have to transfer the files every few years to the newest media available.

If life gets crazy (and I promise it will at some point) you may forget to transfer the files and end up losing the images in the future.

The beauty of a wedding album is that you don’t have to do anything with it for the images to still be there 50 years from now.

We Include a Fine Art Wedding Album With Every Package

We feel so strongly about the importance of preserving your photos that we recently decided to include a wedding album in every single wedding package that we offer.

We know how crazy life can get at times, and we don’t want you to lose your wedding photos because of it.

This also saves you from having to pay over $1000 more after already paying for a wedding package to order your wedding album.

Gorgeous Album Design, Archival Quality Albums

Our album design is modern and clean, keeping your album from looking dated within just a few years.

Here’s an album we recently designed for this gorgeous Racine wedding.

Keep your eyes open for photos of the actual albums coming soon.

If you’re a past client of ours and don’t currently have a wedding album, contact us now about purchasing an album to preserve your wedding images. We’ll send you all the information you need for us to get started. This is a fabulous anniversary gift to get for each other.

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